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Providing for Your Industrial Manpower Needs

Anchor Industrial can support your need for a seasonal, short-term, or emergency skilled tradesmen workforce. Each of our craftsmen are W-2 employees. Which means we cover their workers’ comp, benefits, and other payroll expenditures, while you receive access to dedicated manpower you can trust.

From Superintendents to trade helpers, we have several options to help your scheduled maintenance outage or large scale filter changeouts.  We can help resource planning, scope development, ramp-up and ramp-down flexibility, and even fast deployment needs.

Anchor Industrial trade options  include:

  • Project Manager

  • Superintendent

  • General Foreman

  • Foreman

  • Welder (Structural)

  • Welder (Tube and Pipe)

  • Rig Welder

  • Pipefitter

  • Boilermaker

  • Millwright

  • Electrician

  • Safety Technician

  • QA/QC Technician

  • Crane Operator

  • Trade Helper (hole watch, fire watch, utility labor)

  • Time Keeper

  • Tool Room Attendant

Texas Power Generation Outage Crew

Industries Served:

  • Paper Mills

  • Chemical Plants

  • Glass Plants

  • Protein Producers

  • Consumer Goods Manufacturers

  • Power Plants

  • Liquid and Dry Bulk Rail Terminals

  • Quarries

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