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Industrial Process Piping Contractor

Arizona Process Piping Shutdown

Industries Served:

Anchor Industrial is experienced in performing work in high production environments, where every minute counts to the client. We take pride in understanding your needs and making sure they are met. During our industrial piping installation projects, our team of process piping contractors work to complete the project efficiently. We’ll work with you to assess project needs, fully understand your piping design, and our installation plan.

Our certified pipe welders and pipe fitters are the best in the business. Certifications include stainless, sanitary stainless, and carbon pipe.

Anchor Industrial piping capabilities include:

  • Chilled Water Piping Fabrication, Installation, and Repairs

  • Jacketed Pipe Fabrication

  • Steam Piping (High/Low Pressure) Fabrication, Installation, and Repairs

  • Gas Piping Fabrication, Installation, and Repairs

  • Process Piping Pre-Fabrication, Field Fabrication, Installation, and Repairs

  • Boiler System Installation and Repairs

  • Industrial Ventilation Installation and Repairs

  • Industrial Heating Installation and Repairs

  • Water and Waste Water Treatment

  • Fueling Systems

  • Industrial Waste Piping Fabrication, Installation, and Repairs

  • Large Diameter Ducting Systems Fabrication, Installation, and Repairs

National Board "R" Stamp, Certification Number: 11266

Anchor Industrial carries a Certificate of Authorization and “R” stamp for the repair and/or alteration of AMSE boilers, pressure vessels, and piping in accordance to the requirements of the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

Anchor Industrial R-Stamp for Pressure Vessels and Pipes
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