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Committed to Keeping Our People Safe

Safety and health in our business must be a part of every person, crew, jobsite, project, service division, and company. Without question it is every employee's responsibility at all levels.

The personal safety and health of each employee of Anchor Industrial is of primary importance. Not only is it the law, but it is also the right thing to do. Our most important Core Operating Value is “Develop and Care for Our Employees First”. It is ultimately a matter of caring for individuals that every one of them goes home every night without any more than simple exhaustion from a hard day’s labor. The prevention of injuries and illnesses is so critical that it will be given precedence over operating productivity whenever necessary. To the greatest degree possible, management will provide all tools, equipment, training, and communication required for personal health and safety in keeping with our company’s highest standards.

Anchor Industrial Jobsite Respiratory Protection

It is the intent of Anchor Industrial to comply with all the laws of the United States when it comes to safe work practices and safe working conditions. To do this we must constantly be aware of conditions in all work areas that can produce injuries. No employee or subcontractor is required to work a tasks he or she knows is not safe or healthy. Cooperation in detecting hazards and, in turn, managing them is a condition of every employee's employment and our subcontractor's contract. All employees or subcontractors will inform their supervisor immediately of any situation beyond their ability or authority to correct.


Our objective is a safety and health program that will reduce the number of injuries and illnesses to an absolute minimum. One of our three Core Operating Values is “Zero Accidents, Zero Losses”, and we mean it.


Daniel L. Trantham

President, Anchor Group

All Shop, Field Trade, and Sales Employees:

  • OSHA 10 Construction Trained Within 90 Days of Employment

  • Adult First Aid/CPR/AED Trained Within 90 Days of Employment

  • Forklift Trained Upon Employment

All Field Trade Employees:

  • MSHA 46 Trained Within 30 Days of Employment

  • Respiratory Fit Test Prior Within 30 Days of Employment

  • Aerial Lift Trained Upon 1st Day on Jobsite

  • Confined Space Trained Within 30 Days of Employment

  • Rigging and Signaling Trained Within 30 Days of Employment

All Superintendents and Area Operations Managers:

  • OSHA 30 Construction Trained Within 6 Months of Employment

All Subcontractors:

  • Adhere to Jobsite and Customer Specific Requirements

  • Adult First Aid/CPR/AED Trained Representative with Crews of Over 6 People

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